Battledown & Sibling

It’s time to revisit Battledown Brewery. This local family business is going from strength to strength, and recently relocated with Sibling Distillery from their cosy little Keynsham Street sheds, to a rather more serious facility in Dowdeswell Park.

The new space brings the opportunity to rethink, re-brand and relaunch, which is exactly what they’ve done. I had the pleasure of visiting the newly installed 13 hectolitre brewery and marvelling at what, without doubt, is going to be a gem in Cheltenham’s ever improving landscape. My good friend Simon and I took in the extremely welcoming atmosphere at their recent opening event, sampling their wares, listening to live music, and tucking into their signature ploughman’s spread. Bliss.

I’m pleased to say that guided brewery tours are still on the cards, and alongside the renowned Sibling Distillery, the potential is really exciting… I hear rumours that plans are afoot to open the brewery as a licensed venue on certain nights with local food trucks…

As always, Battledown provides online ‘order and pickup’ options and they’re always amenable to catering to customer needs wherever they can.

So there must be some negatives? ..yeah, it’s further to walk from town and there’s a lack of street lights out there – get a cab!

For more information, visit;

Battledown Brewery LLP
Dowdeswell Park,
London Road,
Cheltenham, GL52 6UT

Telephone: 01242693409 or 07734834104

Alex and Simon at Battledown Brewery

Gin Fit For A King: Sibling Distillery

Not exactly ‘Fit For Felix’ (only 13 years to go young man!), however this Felix is one of four young entrepreneurial siblings in Cheltenham that are hitting the spirits market with the first of their small-batch treasures.

Their somewhat unusual choice of career is not terribly surprising what with their parents being the proprietors of the outstanding Battledown Brewery.

Cicely Elliot-Berry & Felix Elliot-Berry: Siblings Distillery

Now to the most important part; sampling. I was a little apprehensive taking a sip of neat Gin over ice just after breakfast, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Wow in fact. I can’t profess to be an expert, but the quality and refinement that you can taste in the glass is quite something. The addition of tonic and I’m in heaven. How pleased am I that I stumbled across their pop-up marketing stand.

Now this is a small-batch, triple distilled product made locally here in Cheltenham, and as such, it isn’t cheap. Is it worth £32/bottle? Oh yes. I can’t imagine what a bespoke Carter Head still costs these days.

Those clever little Elliot-Berry’s have given their Gin the edge by subtly flavouring it via vapour infusion with vanilla and blueberry… Seriously, who comes up with these ideas?  

 Sibling Distillery Gin Bottles

I even think that the bottle and branding is something that they should be very proud of. 

So here’s to another wonderful local product that really is right up my street.