Food of the mountains. This classic dish from the Savoyard is a staple skiing lunch. Heavy, unctuous, comforting and warming to the core. Serves 2 Ingredients 500g potatoes, peeled150g lardons / ham  2 banana shallots, sliced1 garlic clove, sliced½ tsp fresh thyme leaves250g Reblochon cheese, sliced 75ml white wine100ml double cream Method Preheat your oven to 200°C. Parboil … Continue reading Tartiflette

Baked Feta

"What's your signature dish?" A fairly ubiquitous question which I have to admit I loath hearing as a result of routinely struggling to think of a satisfactory answer. Why? I suspect it's because I'm far more interested in exploring new and exciting dishes than honing one in particular, but if you were to ask me … Continue reading Baked Feta