N is for Noodles

Cutting it fine on the November challenges…  Jamie Oliver Food Revolution challenge number two:

“N is for November, and nectarines, and nutmeg… we want to see your recipes for dishes beginning with the letter N or using ingredients with the letter N.”

N for Noodles

Noodles are such a great store-cupboard staple.  This dish is a classic example of how you can make beautiful meals by raiding the freezer (broad beans, chillies, chicken breast, broccoli) and cupboards (udon noodles, miso, togarashi and/or furikake, garlic). There’s almost always enough there to make a similar dish.

Whether fresh or dried, egg or vermicelli, gluten free or even acorn, they’re as versatile as pasta and worth exploring.

I think I need to make some from scratch; new year’s resolution perhaps…