Padrón Peppers

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: August Challenge #1.1

I couldn’t resist!  Outdoor Dining is just so special to me.  I think that we’ll all agree that childhood memories of eating seem to always stir emotions and unexpectedly transport us to happy places.

My second serving on this challenge is Padrón Peppers.  We’re bang in the middle of the short but fiery season and I know that I’ll be gutted when it’s all over for another year.

Usually served as Tapas, eating Padróns is Russian Roulette.  These wonderful little ‘vegetables’ are grown in Padrón, northwest Spain and have a delicious sweet taste.  The fun part is that about 5% of them are stinking hot, and to make it better, there is absolutely no way to tell which ones..

Padron Peppers

Cook these bad boys quickly in a large frying pan over a high heat with some good quality olive oil.  When they blister and soften a little, scatter then with plenty of flaky sea salt.  Sharing these is so much fun and I can guarantee you that you’ll end up disappointed if there aren’t any hot ones.

Cooking Padron Peppers on the camping stove

The season runs from May to October and I’ve noticed that akin to other chilli peppers getting hotter towards the end of the season, we certainly get more hot ones per bag.  It somehow feels like better value-for-money!

We can’t go camping without them – just don’t forget the Rioja.

Faustino Rioja

Miss Winter @ Farm Park

“Os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non”

(“Padrón peppers, some are hot, some are not”).

Robert Fedorchek 2010


Challenge for me: do something different with Padrón Peppers.  Nah, madness.

[I may or may not end up deep frying some in panko breadcrumbs.]


Who needs light anyway

Cooking Padron Peppers at sunset

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