Spooky Spoots

October Food Revolution Challenge time.  Now, as Halloween and its deluge of nastiness is nearly upon us, the Food Revolution decided that the ambassadors should scare themselves…


Are there things that scare me?  I suppose there are, but I really love heading out into the unknown – it’s one of the reasons I love cooking so much.  On the other hand, there are expensive ingredients which I’d be nervous about not doing justice to.

They did however specify that the scary-factor could come from cooking a recipe that your family might not like.  Hmmm; picturing tantrums at the dinner table.  Ok, fairly scary.

So what about Razor Clams aka ‘Spoots’ now that we are just out of spawning season.  The Scottish name comes from the way they ‘spoot’ a fountain of water out of the sand.

They really are quite beautiful and fascinating little creatures. Alas I didn’t hunt these ones myself, although it is on my Bucket List to coax a few out of the sand with a tub of table salt.

I cooked these just like mussels; simply steaming them in white wine with a little butter and garlic for a couple of minutes (until they open).

A plate of Razor Clams

Did they like them?   Maybe we’ll try again next year.

Top Tip: don’t eat the dark parts…

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