Take One Khobez…

Hungry? Need something quick and tasty? Building on my recent fascination with all things pizza, I’d like to share a fab little cheat: Khobez pizza.

This recipe came to me from a good friend in Australia and proved to be a lasting back-pocket winner.

Khobez or Khubz is arabic bread or flatbreads that have been baked in a clay oven.

fresh Kbobez

Take a nice fresh Khobez, top it with your choice of sauce (BBQ is fairly standard in Australia but but tomato purée, fresh sauce or even a little ketchup will suffice).

Sprinkle over some grated mozzarella or whatever cheese you have to hand (Cheddar works for me!). A little oregano, a few slices of pepperoni, torn chicken, sweetcorn – go nuts. Whatever works for you.

Hot oven, a few minutes, bosh. Crispy, fast, not terribly healthy, but certainly delicious.

fast pizza


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