Foodie New Year Resolutions

A little late, but at least it’s still January.

2016 feels like a good year already. My foodie resolution is to keep pushing myself and really add to the repertoire. I’m going to make sure that I cook lots of new dishes and use ingredients that are yet to grace my chopping board.

There’s certainly still lots of dishes I love that I’ve never actually made before:

Welsh Rarebit, Terrine, Focaccia, Lemon Meringue Pie and Macaroons.

I’m going to cook with Tema Artichoke, Skate/Ray, Kohlrabi, Guinea Fowl, Kangaroo, Salsify, Heart and Pearl Barley (obviously not at the same time)

… and I’ll be documenting all of it here for your entertainment.

I expect the list to grow; feel free to make suggestions!




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