July 2014 JOFR Challenge: Why do you eat real food?

For me, there are two clear sides here; the obvious health benefits, and the dichotomy in taste.

To expand on this, I feel content in the fact that I know exactly what we’re eating.  I cook from scratch for my family as it means I don’t have to worry: I feel relaxed about our diet as I actually see everything we eat.  Pretty much all of the salt that we consume comes from the Salt Pig next to the stove.

Hyper-processed food saddens me.  We have blindly allowed our society to become literally poisoned and dysfunctional.  We all have a responsibility to close the ‘skills gap’ and return real food to ‘business as usual’.

The impact on behaviour and our children’s ability to function to their true potential makes real food right up there on our parenting agenda.

An added bonus, it’s cheaper!  Even though the price of food is skyrocketing in the UK, making real food from scratch saves me money every single day of the week.  The fact that it tastes better is the slam dunk.  Sold.

Ultimately, it’s simple.  My answer is “because it makes sense, and because I care”.

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