JOFR August Challenge #1

Outdoor dining!

The sun is finally shining, and what better way to celebrate the glorious rays than an impromptu BBQ with friends.  Sunday afternoon, 4pm, shops closing, raid the fridge…

Somewhat tricky when there’s nothing obviously ‘barbecue-able’ in there.  Think man, think.  Nobody wants to let friends down, even if it’s short notice.  Relax, we can do this.  If there’s one thing that I have learnt to embrace in the last year, it’s that I need to chill-out more in the kitchen and have faith that I can take simple ingredients and make them sing.

Watching a documentary about Noma in Copenhagen changed my world.  Isn’t it amazing that it takes a two Michelin star restaurant to make us realise what we have all around us, just waiting to be elevated into tasty treats.

A few Leeks to hand…  Let’s go with it and see what happens.



A quick blanch, a spell over the flames with rosemary twigs, a speedy oil/vinegar dressing with mustard and fennel tops, finishing it all off with pangrattato for texture.  Happy, sunny days.

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