The Earlier, The Better

I love this job. It’s wonderful to hear people getting really enthusiastic about good food and promoting well-being; especially to younglings. It turns out the manager at my daughters’ nursery is a fellow foodie and has been putting lots of effort into food education and making sure their daily menu is balanced and nutritious. Even more inspiring, they’re ensuring the line up is exciting for the children too.

I certainly recall scouring the menus whilst prospecting nurseries a couple of years back; freshly prepared, healthy food was a significant factor in deciding where to send Felix.

The Pre-School at Treetops Nursery in Cheltenham have been focusing on nutrition and health as a theme with the children during the last week – fab. Discussing the merits of the food we choose to consume is no trivial task when it comes to young minds and modern tastes, but I strongly believe that it’s important to get children thinking about it early and regularly reinforcing the message as they develop.

We avidly filled in Winter’s meal diary for her homework and the children have provided a plethora of fascinating and impressive one-liners after making smoothies and fruit salads with their teachers:

“I have to eat 5 fruit and vegetables every day to grow strong and tall like my daddy, but not all at the same time otherwise I’ll get a poorly tummy”

“Milk makes your bones grow”

“Only eat a little bit of cheese otherwise you’ll get a great big fat tummy”

Not only are Treetops Cheltenham already embracing the underlying concepts and principles of the global Food Revolution, they’ve also now got Food Revolution Day 2015 in the diary!

The global day of action is on Friday 15th May this year and the headline is “Fighting for Food Education”.  The main event will be a live cook-along with Jamie streamed across the globe with thousands of younglings making the ‘Squash It Sandwich’ in real-time.

Have a look at for further details.

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