February Challenge #1 for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassadors: Cook for loved ones this Valentine’s day.

Easy!  That was always going to happen.

Our morning started with a little surprise for the children at breakfast with homemade cards and a chocolate heart treat – it was the weekend after all.

Chocolate Heart treats

Breakfast was a baked blueberry sharing pancake which was rather predictable for us other than using a square tin.  Crème Fraîche is essential to cut through the sweetness. We always have the ingredients for this to hand as it’s mostly store cupboard staples and I also pop spare blueberries in the freezer before they turn.

Valentines Baked Blueberry Pancake

Eating Baked Blueberry Pancake for Valentines

Lunch comes around so quickly, especially following lazy mornings.  A bit of spare ham we roasted a few days back and a couple of mushrooms.. Oh what to make?

Thankfully, the friendly freezer contains all sorts of good stuff; homemade chicken stock, peas, broad beans, spinach etc. Combined with a little pasta, a potato, carrot, celery, onion, garlic and we’re away: Hearty Winter Minestrone.

Felix eating MinestroneNow onto the main event.  Felix has become obsessed with fish. Today he decided on a beautiful Plaice from the counter which we dusted in seasoned flour and fried in butter for a total of four minutes:

plaice: before and after

For us, it has to be steak for Valentines (or any other good excuse). Unfortunately we only had sirloin to hand, but at least it was excellent quality:

sirloin steak

A classic Prawn Cocktail spiced up with grated horseradish and Rose Harissa:

Classic Prawn Cocktail

A mushroom sauce, a tarragon dressing to smother the steak, deliciously crispy oven roasted chips, rocket and a bottle of Argentinian Malbec Bonarda:

Oven Baked Chips

steak dressingfresh rocket saladcreamy mushroom sauceArgentinian Malbec

Good honest food and the love of my life.  Bliss. Even if I did forget dessert.

Mrs Wifey on Valentines Day

Happy ‘Eating Nice Food’ Day. x

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