Omelette Twist

As Jamie launches his ‘10 recipes to save your life’ for this year’s Food Revolution, here’s my twist on the basic omelette for you: Baked Mini Omelettes! Super-simple fayre, these little treats are a fun take on the humble and nutritious egg, and can be served hot or cold. The fillings are up to you – … Continue reading Omelette Twist

Almost Healthy Breakfast Bars

Following a special request from the youngling for 'breakfast bars', we did a little research and knocked up a batch. I'd say they're fairly healthy, but they do contain condensed milk.. Compared to shop-bought alternatives, who cares! Ingredients: 397g Condensed Milk (standard can) 250g Oats 100g Dried Fruit (Sulatanas, Cherries, Goji berries, Cranberries - whatever you have/fancy) … Continue reading Almost Healthy Breakfast Bars