Here’s the latest offering from Jamie Oliver – a neat social media app called ‘YOU-app’.

Its USP?  Mindfulness.

The concept is an application that provides you with ‘micro-actions’ to complete each day.  They’re straightforward and easy to complete, and above all, make you feel better about yourself.  They may be small, but the effects are cumulative and empowering; guaranteed to leave you feeling virtuous.  It’s all backed up with science!

You app image

Pinterest, 2 Facebook pages, Twitter, WordPress blog… I can’t even find the time to open an Instagram account.  Am I really going to post more pictures on yet another platform?  Initially I was thinking “I’d really like to hope so, but I’ll take some convincing”…  it’s been a week, and now I’m all over it.  I write a diary every day, and I can assure you that taking a snap, adding a sentence and posting it, is far quicker.

As a technologist, futurology tells me that my list of ‘daily technologies’ is only going to grow – so I wonder which of these will be the first MySpace, and cease to exist?  I predict mergers and takeovers as the public decide with their feet and the big players become increasingly ubiquitous.


Everyone requires a little encouragement, and the social aspect of this app genuinely motivates.  Imagine Pinterest, but with everyone posting under a common theme, sharing beautiful images, ideas and thoughts.

In summary, do I like it?  Yes.  Has it got legs?  It has, but I suspect that mass-uptake might be slow.  Did it need to be its own standalone application?  Maybe not..  I think I’d have been on-board simply subscribing to a Facebook page, but of course, not everyone uses Facebook (yet).  If anything, it’s a shame it’s limited to mobile platforms.

Give it a go and see how you feel (remembering that change rarely just happens overnight).  The overhead on your daily life is certainly worth the gamble.

Check out   The application is currently available for iOS, with an Android version due for release.

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