Saluting you, Judy Joo

I’m loving the new ‘Korean Food Made Simple’ series with Judy Joo.

Judy Joo

Glass noodles made from sweet potato.. !!!  #amazing

I’m going to be making myself some Japchae at the first opportunity.

We can draw so much inspiration from experiencing diverse gastronomy from disparate cultures.  A visit to Honey Pig Korean BBQ on a recent trip to the US got me hankering for a trip to South Korea.

Duck at Honey Pig

Korean BBQ Duck

The world is becoming a smaller place as technology advances. I’m predicting big things for international food – I can’t wait to see more ‘unusual’ ingredients being stocked in our UK supermarkets. Exposure to the world via satellite TV, great shows and social media is a good thing in my eyes.

Diversify, get excited about food and try something different!

Check out the Food Network channel in the UK (

or the Cooking Channel in the US (

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