Intrigued? I was.

So… what are we actually talking about here, and why would you want to bother with it?

Basically, it’s just germinating seeds so that they become tiny plants. It really is that straight forward.

And you’d want to do this because…..?

Nutritional value.

I want to explain this in the most basic of terms if I can, rather than bore you with the science:

Seeds, grains and legumes are packed with nutrients and are fantastically good to eat. Some of the nutritional value is locked away inside, but the sprouting process increases vitamin content and releases all that goodness for you to digest.

#science (It’s all about neutralising enzyme inhibitors and anti-nutrients such as Phytic acid which binds to the minerals). Google it.

Not sure about it? Have you ever eaten Cress? Delicious isn’t it! Bean Sprouts; they’re just sprouted Mung beans. Growing food indoors without the need for soil – genius. 

Most importantly for me, it’s lots of fun for the kids and teaches them about where food comes from. There’s a certain magic about watching a tiny seed develop and grow. It seems almost unbelievable how much energy is stored in each little seed, just waiting, dormant until the right conditions come along and rekindle life.

Sprouting couldn’t be easier; pop them in a jar, soak them overnight and then rinse them twice a day. Specialist kit makes life even easier and is very reasonably priced. I used a three-tiered system that allows me to rotate ‘planting’ and guarantee a constant supply with minimal effort.

3-tier sprouting system

3-tier watering system

Just pour water into the top and it irrigates every layer.

I even sprouted fenugreek that had been sat in my spice rack for, well, who knows how long. Amazing! All they need is a good soaking to kick-start them back into action. Nature truly is remarkable.

sprouting seeds

A. Vogel are a leading name in the world of sprouting. They grow their seeds organically and don’t irradiate them. Their global support for Jamie’s Food Foundation and the Food Revolution has been truly wonderful, and we’ve been lucky enough in the UK to have recently received donations of sprouting jars and seeds for many of our Ambassadors to take into schools. I can’t wait for term to start again so that I can hear all about the great work that’s going on around the country.

A.Vogel Biosnacky seeds

I’ve tried all sorts and my personal favourite is Alfalfa. It has wonderfully clean, delicate and delicious taste and works with so many dishes.

sprouting alfalfa

To me, there’s nothing like in a simple cheese and sprouted seed sandwich. Heaven.

classic cheese sandwich

ploughman's with sprouted seeds

Pep up your Ploughman’s lunch

salad with sprouted seeds

Jazz up your salad

pasta with sprouted seeds

Sprouted seeds work with so many dishes

seeds ready to sprout     sprouted alfalfa

Have fun!

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